Ultimate Guide To Writing A Blog Post + 50 Post Ideas to Steal

So, you have read and seen all the hype around starting an online business by starting a blog. Yep, one of the best-bootstrapped ways to start your online business today is by Starting a blog Building an email list Sell solution-based digital products to your email list. But, You think you are not a good writer and think

Let’s start with what your audience is going to see first…


Whether or not a potential customer clicks on your blog post among other thousands of blog posts will ultimately depend on your title.

Your audience who searches Pinterest or Facebook or YouTube sees a title that is intriguing to them or provides them a solution to something they are searching then they will click on it else they are moving on.

The TITLE is the decider. So, when it comes to coming up with a title for your blog there is only one thing you need to consider – results. In my years of experience, I have seen result-oriented posts to perform best for my clients. So here are 5 things to consider while creating a result-oriented blog post title:

  • Your title could hint desirable results. For example, there is a big difference between “10 ways to cure your allergies” vs “10 ways to cure allergies so you can sleep better.” Think of it this way: Why would someone want to do what your blog post shares – in this case get some sleep?
  • Your title could hint specific results. Its important to share exact details of possible results in your title. For example, don’t just say “5 ways to raise your metabolism” instead say “5 ways to lose 2-3 pounds by raising your metabolism.”
  • Your title could hint real results. Please do not make things up just to get the attention or clicks. Whatever your title says your article should deliver. Nothing will ruin your brand and business by creating false claims and delivering fluff instead of substance. Don’t exaggerate. Be specific and be real.
  • Your title could hint intriguing results. Create something that arouses the curiosity of your audience and they really want to know how. For example, “How to lose 1 pound a week while watching TV.” (It can be post about HIIT exercises one can do during commercials) “How to take the vacation of your dreams for free” (this post can contain details on using all their airline miles etc). Intrigue of your titles can get the audience click and read your blog post. Make sure to keep it relevant but intriguing.
  • Your title could hint at targeted results. For example, 7 Ways Any Stay-at-Home Mom Can Free Up Extra Time” or “Top 10 Financial Tips for Senior Citizens”.
TIP: I also want to share with you that not many people think about. “Create a series of similarly titled articles.” Then, you can use your resource box to drive visitors to a website or get them to join a list so they can access all of the articles in the series.

For example:

  • Top 3 ways to…
  • Top 3 Ways to Raise Your Metabolism
  • Top 3 Ways to Cut Your Calories
  • Top 3 Ways to Exercise Effortlessly
  • Top 3 Ways to Trim Your Waistline Top 3 Ways to Increase Your Stamina etc…

Before we move on from titles of the blog post I wanted to share some title templates that you can use based on what I mentioned above.

  1. How to ………………In………………Steps. [How to lose 10 pounds in 3 easy steps]
  2. How to……………In………………..(Time Frame). [How to get 1,000 new subscribers in 7 days]
  3. The Real Secret to Quickly…………………… [The real secret to quickly potty training Your Child]
  4. Top 2 Ways to………………. [Top 2 ways to avoid daily clutter]
  5. 5 Mistakes That……………(Undesirable result). [5 Dieting mistakes that actually cause weight gain]
  6. …………….Checklist: Are you………………? [Dating Checklist: Are you headed for heartbreak?]
  7. 7 Simple Steps to…………….. [7 Simple Steps to Selling Your Home In 30 Days]
Tip: The one thing that can help you speed up this process of creating great titles? Pay attention to the titles you see every day and notice what’s happening with them. Can you see what adjectives and results they’re adding to make it compelling? Just paying attention to what you see every day and when you’re clicking around successful competitors can cut the learning curve down significantly.

The structure of your post

Now let’s look at the next thing they’re going to experience after the title. It’s the structure of the piece itself. This is what keep your audience consuming your blog rather than bailing.

So, let’s start with our introduction…

If you have love writing you can give a quick story before getting into the how to parts of your post.

But if you have no idea how to start here are some tips. Start with:

  • If it’s a “How-to” article, then outline the 3-5 steps. The first step to achieving …. second step etc. (mention only outline and then break down each step after introduction)
  • If it’s a list, then determine which items you’ll be sharing – such as keys, ways, questions, resources, Ask a question etc.
  • You can start by reveal something startling. (Ex: Did you know how my toddler started reading when he was just 3)
  • Provide proof or facts. (10 million people around the world are suffering from….)
  • Present a problem (So how can we create more FB engagement… Let me help you)
  • Evoke Emotion ( I bet you are frustrated over….)
  • List an overview (Here is an overview of 10 steps to build WordPress website)

(Hint: Bear in mind that these days, longer introductions tax the patience of your audience. Keep it short to the point.)

Moving on…

Once you’ve moved into the body of your blog post, separate your content into sections.

Fill in the blanks for each of your points. Simply put, just write your article. Write a paragraph or two for each of your points mentioned in detail and move on. Clearly express your point as briefly and thoroughly as you can so the reader understands.


  • Write with one person in mind. Use the words “you” and “your” as often as possible. The reader should think you are speaking personally to them.
  • Nothing should ever be a substitution for usefulness. Nothing. Ever. If someone can’t use your content, you’ve taken a detour somewhere and you need to get back on course immediately.

Moving on to the favorite part…

Closing your Post

If you don’t intuitively know how to close a piece of content, try one of these 2 options:

  1. Close with a brief summary of what you told them. So, these are the 10 ways to achieve …. results. Try them to achieve….
  2. The end of your article is the moment you’ve been waiting for – that point when the reader has consumed your article and is about to move on. Your mission is to get them to move on to your desired action. For example, if you want your readers to opt into your mini course on “5 day self-care course for moms” and your blog post is “3 ways to find more me time for moms” . In your closing you can say “By applying these 3 shortcuts you’ll free up some extra time to spend on caring for yourself. Moms often forget to take care of themselves by taking care of everyone in the family! Try these 3 ways and take some time to pamper yourself.” (FREEBIE LINK HERE)

Just like with headlines practicing structure will help you over time. And, if you look at some of the content you consume on a regular basis, you’ll be able to spot the structural elements yourself. Notice the close. You’ll have it in no time.

Hope you found my post useful.

And now that you know how to write a blog post below are 50 types of post you can write about.

  • List Post
  • Basic How-To-Post
  • How-To-Ultimate-User guide
  • FAQ Post
  • Beginner’s guide
  • Advanced Users Guide
  • History Post
  • Controversial Post
  • Case Making Post
  • Interview Post
  • Success Post
  • Little Known Post
  • Opinion round up post
  • Curated Roundups
  • Mistakes Post
  • What You Are Doing Wrong Post
  • Inspirational story
  • Give Readers A Challenge Post
  • Lessons Learned Post
  • Data Post
  • Social Proof Post
  • Case Study Post
  • Contest or Giveaway Post
  • Creative Ways People Have Used Your Product Post
  • Favorite Inspirational Quotes Post
  • Book Review Post
  • Top 10 Posts
  • How You Stay Productive Post
  • Try Something New In Your Niche And Review Post
  • Behind-The-Scenes-Post
  • Funny Post/Video You Came Across Post
  • How Did You Decide To Start Your Business Post
  • Myth vs Fact Post
  • Predictions Post
  • Checklist Post
  • Comparison Post
  • Resources Post
  • Screencast A Quick Walkthrough Of Your Product Post
  • Think Out Loud Posts
  • Metrics To Measure Post
  • Tools I Use Post
  • Preview New Product Post
  • Cheat sheet Post
  • Response To Interesting Customer Question Post
  • Favorite Blogs Post
  • Favorite Apps Post
  • Hack Post
  • Shortcut Post
  • Simplification Post (something in your niche simplified)
  • A simple template post (offer a simple template to do something in your niche with instructions)

Want more ideas?

Looking for more ideas?

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